Behind every Woman and Mom, there is always a wonderful family who feeds on every day the enthusiasm of living with passion, each moment.

Thinking of Babymio

Babymio is a gift to my children!  
My name is Emilia and I am mother of two fantastic boys aged 10 and 7!

This shop  was born 7 years ago and gave me the great  opportunity to work at home and follow them all the time as I always dreamt!
I personally chose and tried the products you can find in the shop and I designed the cloth diapers and accessories line Kinkilia about 6 years ago. This brand has been thought to be used by all kind of parents and its high quality makes  it perfect for all babies!
Most of the production is now based in Italy and the fabrics used are italian as well.
If you want to try this unique cloth diapers line and you live in a European Country  just contact me at my personal email address;  
It will be my pleasure giving you further information and  quotation for shipment in your Country.